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Yachting- Private Charter

Private yacht charter is one of the best ways to see the Mediterranean. Sail yourself to villages, secluded bays and beaches or anchor in the sea. The choice is yours. Monohulls are available ranging from 2 cabins to 5 cabins (depending on the port). You must have skippering experience and a recognised qualification, otherwise hire a skipper, sit back, and relax.

Louis Hellenic Cruises

Specialising in the Mediterranean, 25 years experience makes Louis one of the region's leading cruise companies. With a fleet of 3 vessels, ships are continuously refurbished and upgraded and are of a standard class with a high level of service. Great value for money. Vessels can hold between 900 to 1670 passengers.

Variety Cruises

Largest small ships Cruise Company world-wide with a fleet of 12 fully owned vessels. Specialising in the Mediterranean, these boutique premium vessels take you off the beaten track to secluded bays that larger vessels cannot reach. Vessels can hold between 44 to 76 passengers. Children under 7 years are not permitted.


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